Top Shelf Luxury Lotion Pre-Pack


Pre-Pack (Opening Orders)

3 each of 12 different scents (36 pieces x $4.50/ea)

Merchandising Kit at No Charge

     -Top Shelf Wood Display & Signage

     -Testers (12)

*Select Display Finish (stained or white) when ordering

Scents Included:

Assured, Charmed, Daring, Electric, Free, Inspired, Risqué, Soulful, Sultry, Tempted, Tenacious, and Tender!

Display Color:

We try to make sure all of our items fit true to size, with the following guidelines:

Small - Size 2-4
Medium - Size 6-8
Large - Size 10-12
XL - Size 12-14

Every item description will list the model's height, what size she is wearing, and what you should do if you are between sizes.

Bre is a size S/M and size 5 in denim

Kayla is a size S and size 0 in denim

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